eazy peazee developed a new interface technology that enables screen-free interaction with smartphone content and apps.


eazy peazee - Streaming solutions for Kids

Our fist solution with this new technology is a screen-free interaction app for Kids to stream limitless audio contentΒ  from spotify.


Because we believe, that kids deserve to listen to their music whenever they want.

Because we believe, that there must be an environmentally sustainable and healthy way to interact with streaming content.

Because we believe, that parents deserve to spend free time without worrying that their kids are listening to the wrong content or surfing the internet.

That is why we decided to develop a better streaming solution for kids.

Based on an app, combined with sustainable materials, our solution gives kids the ability to stream audio wherever they go.

We provide streaming to kids and let parents control the content.
- sustainable and socially responsible


03 Problems to Solve

Streaming services have replaced audio tapes and CDs but left out kids

In our childhood we used audio tapes to listen to music. but nowadays we don't have these audio devices at home.

The content children want to hear is in the cloud and often only available via streaming services.

No child-friendly human - machine interface

To operate streaming apps, children must be able to read and write, which excludes children under a certain age.

Children are also tempted to use other apps or services with content they shouldn't be consuming. The user interface should be designed to prevent this.

Long screen time is bad for child development

Studies show that too intensive use of smartphones and too long screen time are bad for children's development. The problems can then range from developmental disorders to ADHD.

72% of german children aged from 6 to 13 weekly consume audio content*.

Excessive screen time can affect child development and even cause disorders like ADHD**.

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